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Posted: April 14, 2011 in Possum Control
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duke leghold possum traps

We sell new Galvanised Duke No1 size leghold traps.

The Duke #1 leg hold trap was launched onto the New Zealand market several years ago and has proven to be very popular with control contractors and fur trappers throughout New Zealand.

These traps are now a leading brand in the market, are robust, lightweight, galvanised and have been approved for NPCA possum monitoring.

Traps come in cartons of 12 galvanised traps and sell for $179.40 per carton inclusive of GST and freight anywhere in New Zealand.

Discounts are available for larger orders. To find out more, email us on

One of our satisfied customers is King Country Pest Control. Leonie says:

We have tried many different kinds of possum traps and Duke Possum Traps are by far the best!


Simon Gooding
Good Traders Limited